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Hour Trans

The best Life Time Offer in the business

Here at Hour Trans, we value tenure. Clients who have been working with us for many years gets more savings every time they place an order.

Attractive Discounts for Bulk Order: We also give huge discounts for clients who provide us with bulk orders. The more orders you place, the bigger discount you will receive.

Hour Trans

Academic Discounts also Available

Hour Trans values those working in the Academe. That is why we introduce a special pricing and discount scheme for Students and Universities.

For Students: We value the fact that students is where our future lies, that is why we offer 10 percent discount for the first order placed by a student. Students can also refer their friends and peers, by doing so they will receive additional perks and discounts.

For University/College: Universities and Colleges who will tie-up with our firm will receive a special pricing for our services. For partner schools, their transcription rate will be pegged at $0.70 per minute. No other transcription company offers that kind of offer.

Hour Trans
Hour Trans

Platinum Customer Benefits

Secure nonstop discounts and benefits by becoming a Platinum Customer. We employ Account Managers tasked to specifically handle your demands. You also earn a 10-to-20 % discount! And we discount rates for bulky orders.

Hour Trans

Government Agencies are also eligible for discounts

Government agencies and offices who decides to pick us to provide transcription solutions for them will receive an instant 10 percent discount.

We understand that government agencies handle very sensitive documents, which is why we will create a special team of transcribers and translators in order to make sure that we provide only top quality work.

Just like other offers, government agencies will also receive additional discounts as they increase their work order.

Hour Trans
Hour Trans

Referral gets you discounts!

If you are satisfied with our service, why not refer us to your friends? By referring our services to at least two people, you will instantly receive 10 percent discount on your work order. If you have referred more than 5 people, you will be eligible for our Platinum Customer program.

Hour Trans

Second order discounts!

As part of our loyalty plan, customers who placed a second order will receive a 10 percent discount off of their work order.

Hour Trans
Hour Trans

We have Seasonal Offers!

Just like any other business firm, we also honor major holidays and offers an exclusive limited-time discounts.

Christmas: During this season, we offer 20 percent discount on all work orders

Thanksgiving Day: It is indeed a good day to be thankful as we are giving 10 percent discount on this day.

Independence Day: For us, freedom is synonymous with discount and we are offering 10 percent discount.

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