Our Other Services

We also provide other types of services for clients


British Columbia is an ISO Certified Company that will convert your speech file into a written or text file that is of high quality with 98% accuracy.Our top-notch transcription services is at $0.99 per minute.

Voice Over

We have a talented pool of voice over artists that can make your audience interested and introduce the features of your brand that will increase your brand visibility.Choose us and get a perfect solution for your voice over projects at our budget friendly starting price of $128 per minute.

Closed Captioning/Subtitling

Our expert captioners/subtitlers will present text on your visual display that provides additional or interpretive information that will be clearly read and understood by your audience.

Our closed captioning and subtitling services are the lowest in the market at $1 per minute for English and $7 for any other languages.


British Columbia’s professional typists will assist you with your heaps of type working load with 98% accuracy on our finished document. Our low priced typing services are at $2 per unformatted page, $3 with formatting, and $0.99 per minute for audio typing.

Video Services

Our expert video services group can provide you with any of your video requirement.

Video Animation

We can provide you with an animated video that is designed, storyboarded and tailored to your needs.Our world quality video animation services is $60 per minute.

Video Spokesperson

We have a talented pool of video spokesperson to choose from. After selecting, they can be further refined by letting them speak the language of your choice. Our video spokesperson rate is at $60 per minute.

Video editing

Our video editors are the best in their field. They will tailor fit the video to support a particular viewpoint that will impart the message of your brand to your audience. Your audience will have a memorable viewing experience with our video services that is priced at $60 per minute.

Video Production

We can provide you the whole package for making a video from ideation, writing a script, shooting, editing, and special, effects. Our video production price is the lowest in the market that is of high quality – Best deal in town!

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