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Our wide array of solutions ensures tasks are complemented with a personal touch!
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60,000 Happy Customers

Be counted as one of our satisfied customers and experience the high quality service that British Columbia offer.

With our customer friendly approach and our excellent services we have the earned the trust and confidence of 60,000 happy customers and we expect more to come.

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1000+ Native Translators

We have a network of more than 1000 native translators that were selected globally. Getting it right the first time is vital, so our translator database are composed of linguists that were profiled to handle any type of industry in any subject matter.

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100 Native Languages

Since our translators were hand-picked they are vetted in their ability to translate in another language and we do support more than 100 native languages.

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100% USCIS Acceptance

The best way to ensure your translations for USCIS are done correctly is to hire the services of British Columbia.

We are experienced in translating all forms and necessary documents required by USCIS to English. In our number of years in the business we have never encountered a rejection by USCIS on any document that we have prepared.

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Provide Notary Certificate

Many legal processes require a notarized copy of the passport, green card, and similar documents. We can assist you if you have any document that needs to be provided with a notary certificate.

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